Sheet and tube laser cutting

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During the process of laser cutting sheets and tubes, we use a combined laser cutting machine, which is characterized by speed and accuracy. We can cut out parts that require particularly high precision for you in a short time and we can engrave on surfaces. Laser capacity is up to 2 kW. We can cut using oxygen, air and nitrogen.

We deliver to Lithuania and European countries.

Capacities of sheet’s laser cutting

  • Maximum sheet size is 3000×1500 mm.
  • We are able to cut up to 16 mm thickness of plain steel (in other situations we can cut up to 20 mm). Also we cut up to 8 mm thickness of stainless steel and aluminum.
  • We can cut using oxygen, air and nitrogen.

Capacities of tube’s laser cutting

  • We can cut tubes, square and rectangle profiles, angles.
  • Maximum diameter of different form of tube profile is up to 200 mm.
  • Minimum tube’s cutting size is 20×20.
  • The technological balance in the gripper is 380 mm.
  • Maximum length of the product is 6900 mm.
  • Maximum weight of the product is 100 kg.
  • Product accuracy is from 0.1 mm.